Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 4 - Weigh In.

Another weigh in day has rolled around again. We are in the back to school rush with 3 of my precious boys off to school on Wednesday. It's left little time for me to actually focus on losing weight. So my exercise plan went out the window. I've also had some bad eating after dinner and included two trips to McDonald's over the week(one of them being on Australia Day - we met up with friends and ate there before going to watch the fireworks).

So I wasn't expecting much at all and imagine my surprise when I weighed myself(on the Wii Fit as my scales were dead, luckily I weighed myself on the scales and Wii Fit last week on the same day and both gave me the same reading). I lost....1kg! Down to 82.3kg and it puts my BMI into the 'overweight' category instead of 'obese'.

*Happy dance*!

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