Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weigh In - Week 9

At least, I think I'm at week 9.

Well, I was thinking that I'd have a great loss over the last week with all the exercise and mostly healthy eating. On Monday, I did Aero Boxing. Tuesday, I did Zumba not once, but TWICE(one in the morning and one at night). Wednesday, I did Boxing. Thursday, I did Zumba - yes I love Zumba if you didn't already know. Friday, I did Strike Zone(martial arts). So LOTS of exercise. Each class was for an hour, that 6 hours of exercise.

I hopped on the scales today and I lost a measly 200g. After all that. It was my most active week and my smallest loss to date.

I am now down to 80.4kg. A total loss of 6.8kg since Jan 1st.

So that was pretty depressing and I had to refrain myself from devouring every single biscuit in the pantry. Instead I took my measurements as they were due to be done today. I must say that I was pretty pleased with the results and I will just blame the small loss on gaining muscle.

My first measurements were on the 1st of Jan.

Waist - 102.5cm to 95.5cm - 7cm lost
Bust - 104cm to 102cm - 2cm lost
Chest - 93cm to 86.5cm - 6.5cm lost
Hips - 117cm to 107cm - 10cm lost
Arm - 34cm to 33cm - 1cm lost
Thigh - 62.5cm to 54cm - 8.5cm lost

In total, 35cm gone in 9 weeks.

Ok, so I can't really complain about that. Weighing myself was always my way of seeing if I've lost weight, I never really gave the measurements a second thought(and most of the time I would just not bother measuring). So there's the proof that I AM slimming down now.

BTW, I had plans to blog during the week but still haven't finished my post yet. Argh!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can you tell?

Ok so not the greatest quality photo(the second one, I took it at night on my iphone in the bathroom!).

Can you see the difference in 8kg? The first photo was taken exactly 2 years ago today. I went and dug out the same top and same pants. The pants are getting loose now, they start to fall down and they are loose around the thighs. They were tight to the point where I was uncomfortable in the first picture.

I notice my arms are thinner. The stripes on the top sit closer together and it's actually a little loser around the boobs too. But then my boobs don't seem to sag as much now as they did.

It was good to put the two pictures together like this. I need the visual to see that there has been changes in my body because when I look in the mirror, I just look the same to me. So I'll be keeping this set of clothes for a while so I can keep comparing myself as I get smaller.

88kg wasn't my biggest weight, I was actually bigger than that after Tahnee was born. But I would have been around this at Christmas time.

Anyway, I just had to share this because I am so excited with my weight and how close I am to achieving one of my goals - to break through the 70s and kiss goodbye the 80s forever!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weigh in - Week 6 & 7

Oops, so I forgot about last week. I was having a bit of a Debbie Downer week, so I never bothered to update my blog.

So week 6, I lost 500g. Week 7(today), I lost another 800g. Bringing me down to 80.6kg! I have not been this light in about 5 years!!

My eating has gotten back on track, and while I do have some naughty things, I try to make sure I do some exercise to burn it off. I have done 2 Zumba classes now and I LOVE IT. I spend a lot of it giggling along with my friends at how clumsy we are, but boy do we feel it - legs burning, sweat pouring out of us.

We also tried out the water aerobics yesterday and sort of thought we were in for an easy ride. Well, guess again! I think I am more sore after that than after a Zumba class. It was fun though(even though my best friend nearly killed me for conning her into doing the class instead of going to get her haircut). We almost fainted after getting puffed out in 15 minutes only to be told that we'd just completed the warm up! But we will go back again. Call us suckers for punishment.

Monday we are trying out Aero Boxing. Should be interesting. I can already tell that I'm going to get my butt kicked.

I am keeping up with my running too but just fitting it in where I can between my classes. I made the mistake of running the night before Zumba and my legs were screaming at me the whole hour long! Still on week2 at the moment and I'll do the 3rd run tomorrow before moving onto week 3. Loving it, but find it hard to fit it in. Running only happens once the kids are all in bed, I've read too many stories about young ones having accidents on moving treadmills.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 5 - Weigh In

Ok I need a swift kick up the arse because I can never seem to stay on the straight and narrow for very long, even with a meal plan all laid out and done in front of me. I cannot help myself from eating the kids snack foods(like LCM bars, oh how I love those!). I feel awful not allowing them any kind of treats because I'll eat some of them. ARGH! What is wrong with me??!!

I've eaten so much shit I shouldn't have and I don't even know why? It's not like I am craving any sweet food as today's snacks included biscuits. I just eat it because it's there. I feel so guilty because the hubby has let me budget this into our finances and I am blowing it by eating crap! AHHH! SO ANGRY AT MYSELF!

To make matters worse, I have been exercising too and all it's doing is burning some of the junk I've been eating.

In saying that, I still somehow managed to lose 400g this week. I am happy for the loss, but I know I can do better. I WILL do better, even if it kills me, I will not gain back the weight.