Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hey, it's 2011!

Wow, 2011 rolled around real fast didn't it? Christmas went by in a blur - not that we did much as my family all live overseas. We just went next door to the in laws place and had a late lunch before the hubby, his sister and brother in law all had to go to work(yes they all work at the same place). New Years was a non event. Hubby was at work, so I took the 5 kids to a friend house for a BBQ dinner and we were home by 8pm, it was as far as I could really stretch the toddlers. And no, they did not sleep in for me the next morning.

So my plans for 2011? 

1. Lose some weight! I've lost 7.2kg since Tahnee was born and I put on more than that during pregnancy.
2. Not get pregnant.
3. Take a huge chuck out of our debts.
4. Grow my business.
5. Keep the kids active with Karate, play group, etc.
6. Cry when my 3.5 year old starts school in February *sob*.
7. Blog more.
8. Continue to grow my friendships with some special women.

I didn't want to go too specific with my goals because I know I tend to set them too high and then fail miserably. I'd like to lose weight but I'm not going to say I need to lose 10kg by 2012. Any weight loss is good right?

Let's kick off with some weight loss talk. I have been down this 'need to lose weight' road a few times now and I usually lose maybe 5kg or so and wind up pregnant - yes, it's happened 3 times now! The hubby has been warned to stay well away from me because I don't trust contraception any more after getting knocked up with the implanon implant in! My diet is pretty poor, with 5 kids and one of those to be a pretty demanding baby - I eat on the run, or I don't eat at all. My body is suffering because of it as I am still breastfeeding almost exclusively(she does occasionally have finger foods when she feels like eating), so she is getting what little good stuff I have and I'm depriving myself.

There is a history of diabetes and heart disease in my family. My paternal grandmothers mum and sister died die to diabetes and many members of my paternal grandfathers side have died young due to heart disease. I don't want to leave my kids while they are still so young. I want to see them grow and have their own babies and maybe even meet some great grandbabies someday.

I took the plunge and ordered Lite'n'Easy, which is a meal plan that is prepared and delivered to your door. My first delivery arrived last Friday so I started off the new year on this plan. Something had to be done after I saw photos of myself on Christmas Day(which I don't have copies of because I am sort of in denial that I let myself look like this). I am frumpy. I don't have nice clothes because I say I will shop when I lose weight and drop a dress size. Half of my wardrobe is still maternity clothes. For goodness sake, I am 27 YEARS OLD. It shouldn't be this way!

The food has been great and so easy to prepare! I am eating so much better now. Cooking for the kids has never been a problem and I provide them with healthy meals - only they eat at 5pm and I'm usually not ready to eat until 6.30pm, not to mention my portion sizes are way out of control. I can totally see where I was going wrong, I was probably eating 3 or 4 times the amount of cereal in the mornings than I should be. This is teaching me what my portions should be like. Once I heat up a meal I move it to a dinner plate so I can see how much I should be having. Then, when I feel ready I can leave the Lite'n'Easy behind and know how much I should be eating.

Anyway, I am on the 1800 calorie meal plan because I am still breastfeeding and need extra calories for her. I will see how I go though, once she starts feeding less and having more solid foods I may be able to drop down to 1500 cal like other breastfeeding mums that I know.

The stats:

Start Date: 1 Jan 2011
Start Weight: 87.2kg
Goal Weight: 65kg

Measurements(taken monthly):
Bust: 104cm
Waist: 102.5cm
Hips: 117cm
Arm: 34cm
Thigh: 62.5cm

I expect my bust measurement will fluctuate depending on how much milk I've got in there at the time!

Here we go!

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