Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

Well I'm already married, so I haven't really thought weddings for a few years now. My down wedding was pretty much close to my dream wedding(but on a budget), but really it was only minor details to be honest.

To start with we had planned a surprise wedding. We lived in a rental with a HUGE backyard, big enough to seat 100 people easily. So we were going to invite everyone to an engagement party and then spring it on everyone on the night. We had it all planned out, the celebrant was even going to pretend to be a guest at first. Caterers were all booked....and then our lease was coming to an end and instead of letting us renew, the owners decided they wanted to move back in!

Talk about panic! It was x-mas time and we had planned to get married in March! Stress!!! Trying to find a date that the celebrant could do plus a place to get married and have our reception was a nightmare. But we did it and it was a wonderful day(except for the bus crash just before we arrived at the ceremony. Thankfully no-one was injured!).

So here are a few photos from my dream wedding day.

Hair and make up done. My two gorgeous bridesmaids who made my day so awesome :)

My Dad, who flew all the way from Thailand to be here on my wedding day.

Our theme was pink and green - our favourite colours, I'm sure you can guess which is mine. And frangipanis. Lots of them! We got married on the beach and I wore a pink dress. I once pointed out a pink dress in a shop window when I was four and I told my mum that I was going to wear a pink dress on my wedding day, so I did.

We also had a sand pouring ceremony. We are a blended family, at the time we had my two, his daughter and little Owen together. So we got a different coloured sand for each of us and we all poured the sand into a glass vase to signify the blending of out families. It sits proudly on a shelf in our lounge room now.

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