Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

My day today has been pretty average. It was really muggy during the night, and hubby and Tahnee kept it in turns to keep me up all night(hubby is sick so was snoring like a chainsaw and Tahnee is also sick and kept waking and crying - she sleeps in her cot which is sidecar to the bed). Black clouds have hung around all day long but alas, still no rain. I wish it would just pour down so that the mugginess would just bugger off.

I dropped the little boys off to daycare(and they both cried :( ). Then carted my hubby down to the doctor as he woke up with no voice. I put it down to the chainsaw like snoring that went on last night, but the Doc reckons he has laryngitis. So off to the pharmacy we went for antibiotics - ones that aren't penicillin because the Hubby is allergic to that.

Then we came home and I did the general cleaning up, exciting I know. I'm excited that I have days where I can do the cleaning without toddlers making a mess in my wake! My sister in law also called in for a visit(and thank god she didn't use the toilet because I hadn't gotten around to cleaning that yet! I have to give it a good clean down DAILY, with 2 boys and a little boy who is toilet training I bet you could imagine the state of it!). So yeah, just an ordinary day...

Until I got to school in the afternoon and found out one of the mums I know lost her 4 month old baby girl on the weekend. I am still thinking about her now, she is so close to Tahnee's age and I cannot imagine how she must be feeling. It was an accident at home and I know they must be feeling so terrible. My heart really goes out to the family. RIP baby girl.

Usually, we go to karate after school. Today we came home because Tahnee was under the weather. Hubby and I sat outside want watched the kids ride their bikes around the culdesac and then went next door for dinner with the inlaws.

Doesn't sound like much but gee I'm exhausted!

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