Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 5 – A photo of yourself two years ago.

This photo was taken in March 2008, two days after we had gotten married(yeah coming up to 3 years already, it's gone fast!). Yes we were away on our honeymoon and yes, we had a little tag along by the name of Owen.

We didn't go far, just a few hours down south. My stepdaughter had been up for our wedding(she lives about 2 hours south of Perth) and we had to drive her back down the day after our wedding, so we booked in a couple of nights just further out from where she lives at a place called Bunker Bay.

The resort was beautiful, I wish I had taken photos of the room and the views and it had a price tag to reflect that(I think it was around $250p/n). The place even has its own private beach. Actually, now that I've started thinking about it, I wouldn't mind getting away for a weekend - maybe on our wedding anniversary(if the hubby has RDO's of course).

I just really love this picture because it shows how happy we are :) And at that time we had no idea we had just conceived another beautiful little boy!

What has changed in 2 years you ask? Well, I'm probably a bit more plump and not as well groomed(who has time to get to the hairdresser, let alone get an eyebrow wax with 5 kids in tow?!). The hubby has lost some hair and is a bit more grey. As for the baby boy...well can you believe in 3 months time he will be off to his first day of school?

PS. And WOW does Tahnee look like Owen or what?!

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