Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seek and Destroy

As you all know, I have 5 children living at home (and one part timer). I have 4 boys and one darling little girl - she's an angel. Really. In any case, she is an angel in comparison to her 3 year old brother. You know how everyone goes on about the Terrible 2's? Well that's nothing compared to the Terrifying 3's! I can certainly vouch for that.

With 4 boys, I've had all kinds of mischief, but Lil J has become master of them all. I will swear to you that NONE of the the 3 other boys have ever been as bad as him. Don't believe me? Well, here's a recap of what Lil J has been up to lately.

He has managed to manoeuvre furniture to reach 5 bottles of nail polish. Brand new ones. I had them up where I thought would be impossible to reach (I have to stand on my tippy toes to get to them). He then hid in the bedroom with Baby T and promptly painted her nails - at least tried to anyway. Then he painted his own, his legs, her cheek, his hair and THE WALL and WINDOW. I'm talking bright pinks and purples here people!!! Getting it off little bodies was a barrel of laughs.

He can now climb onto the kitchen bench, into the cupboards and found a sharpie. He coloured his bed with it. The linen cupboard door. His arm and belly. HIS SHEETS.

There are random photos on my camera of the wall, inside the fridge, the curtains, up his nose and the best one - in the toilet bowl...after someone forgot to flush *shudder*.

My netbook no longer works after he drowned the bottom of it with spray 'n wipe!

My rug has 4 round burn marks. He stood ON our computer and found a lighter on the shelf above the PC. Then set alight 4 make up pads o_O

And that's just this week!

Tell me that mine isn't the only one! He does it so quickly and sneaky that we go looking for him after 5 minutes and the damage has been done. The hubby was on the loo when he got the lighter and it scared the living daylights out of him when the smoke alarms went off. Please, please don't let this last much longer, it's no wonder the hubby is losing his hair AND going grey at the tender age of 28!

And so for now, Lil J is know as Seek and Destroy in our household. We cannot possibly move any more of our stuff up 'higher' as most of it is already almost touching the ceiling!

I will just continue to remind me that 'this too shall pass'.

P.S Look what he's done while I was writing this post. He was meant to be taking a nap and surprise, surprise he's found a pencil (goodness knows where/how he got it!)

Don't tell anyone but I was a bit chuffed at the drawing, I've never seen him draw people before. It's just not my choice of canvas is all!!

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