Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy New Years guys!! I hope you all had a great holidays. Mine was crazy busy. But there's nothing new there. Christmas dinner was at our house (yay) and we had an awesome culdesac party to ring in the New Year.

2011 was a so-so year. Plenty of ups and just as many downs. The biggest things to happen to us is me getting a full time job and offered to have my studies paid for doing Human Resources which I LOVE. So so lucky! Financially we're doing really good at the moment, we do have bills to pay but we're not having to budget too strictly on food and such. I'm planning to budget a bit better this year so we can put more into savings.

Matt and I also got a whole weekend away WITHOUT kids in December. We're coming up to 7 years together and it was the first time we've ever been away without any kids before! We even had one of our kids with us on our honeymoon. So anyway, we had an amazing time together and I am so lucky that we got to do it. It'll probably be a while before we get to do it again, not because we can't afford to - I don't think my in laws are up to babysitting 5 kids for more than a night in a hurry!

Those are probably the most stand out moment for me last year. Both life changing events, that's for sure. I know a holiday doesn't seem like much for some, when you work 38 hours a week from 7am to 3pm and have a husband who works 40+ hours a week and leaving the house at 4pm for work(and working every weekend!), we don't actually get to see each other much at all. Some one on one time together without kids has really helped us to reconnect.

So 2012. This year my goal is to finish my certificate 4 and be close to completing my diploma by the end of the year. Definitely achievable and shouldn't be too hard to do.

The next is what sparked the title of this post. 2012 I aim to get into a size 12. Also a really achievable goal if I put my mind to it. I'm sitting now at a size 14 top and size 16 bottoms(what is with that anyway?). If I really knuckle down and stick to the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, I will be able to achieve this. I am determined to! No more excuses!

This year I want to get fitter, I want to lose the excess kilos, I want to get stronger. This year I'm getting right into pole dancing classes and hopefully have a go at trying out for Roller Derby. When I say have a go at it...well, it's been about 18 years since I've been on rollerskates. Whether I can remember how to do it or not is the question. I'll keep you updated on that one.

Here's to 2012, I hope all of your dreams come true this year xx

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