Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Still alive n kicking...

Sheesh, I had every intention of posting more but as usual, life gets in the way. I've been coming home from work with headaches every day for the last few weeks. Now that I think about it, I'd put them down to stress headaches because they came on when I took over payroll and started doing 2 full time jobs in my usual work hours. I struggled to cook dinner most nights, let alone write a blog post.

Mind you, I enjoyed learning payroll - it's not something I could do week in week out as my permanent role, but it was good to learn something new. Shit it was hard keeping up and now I have a mountain of my own work that was neglected and the boss is breathing down my neck for things. I'll probably get a lecture next week because I've been e-mailing him things that I've been finishing at home and he doesn't like me to do that. There is no way that I'll catch up if I don't bring work home!

Anyhoo, we've finally made a decision on a new employee to fill the vacant role and she starts on Monday! Woot woot!! I haven't had a headache today, wonder why that is? In more exciting news, I should be moving into my own office next week! Hopefully. The guys are building a wall in one of the larger offices and then our OHS officer will move into one of those and I'll get her office. Pretty swanky huh? It'll double the space that I currently have and PRIVACY...I finally get the privacy that I need!

Besides work, the other thing I've been trying (and I guess I would use that term loosely) to keep my eating in control. I'm not doing so great with it to be honest. The 12wbt kicks off again in a couple of weeks and I need to focus. And I need to exercise. I've been slack and having the headaches doesn't help! The weight is coming off slowly but it could be better if I really put my mind to it! Why the hell does bad food have to taste so good!!

So now I have 4 days off, I'll be spending it studying *sigh* and the hubby actually has Friday and Saturday off for once!

Have a great Australia Day!! xx

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