Monday, February 13, 2012

Day we gooooo!!!

I should be at work, but I'm not. Shhh! Instead of vegging at home I thought I'd better use my time wisely, so after the kids were dropped off at school I went to the gym. A couple of the Ghetto Crew girls had mentioned they were doing kimax and I decided to join them. If you don't know what kimax is, it is hard work! We weren't even 3 minutes into it before I felt like I was going to vomit. Lots of running and kicking my own butt and the likes. There were maybe 7 free standing punching bags around the room and then there was lots of punching and kicking going on. So much fun. The instructor reminded me of Sue Sylvester from Glee - she scared the bejeezus out of me!!!

666 calories smashed in 1 hours. Had to have a giggle to myself about the number because boy did I work like a demon today! My legs are super sore but this is not going to stop me. Tomorrow is a 5km walk after work and a 1 hour burlesque class. Awesome. :)

The food was good today, breakfast was a bit meh. I think I will substitute that one with something else as it's also on the menu for Wednesday morning. Lunch was small but delish (turkey and swiss cheese wrap) and dinner was divine!! Chargrilled steak with a corn salsa thing. I could eat that every night of the week!

Going great guns right now, the motivation is high and I feel much better about this round than last round already.

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