Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weigh In - Week 9

At least, I think I'm at week 9.

Well, I was thinking that I'd have a great loss over the last week with all the exercise and mostly healthy eating. On Monday, I did Aero Boxing. Tuesday, I did Zumba not once, but TWICE(one in the morning and one at night). Wednesday, I did Boxing. Thursday, I did Zumba - yes I love Zumba if you didn't already know. Friday, I did Strike Zone(martial arts). So LOTS of exercise. Each class was for an hour, that 6 hours of exercise.

I hopped on the scales today and I lost a measly 200g. After all that. It was my most active week and my smallest loss to date.

I am now down to 80.4kg. A total loss of 6.8kg since Jan 1st.

So that was pretty depressing and I had to refrain myself from devouring every single biscuit in the pantry. Instead I took my measurements as they were due to be done today. I must say that I was pretty pleased with the results and I will just blame the small loss on gaining muscle.

My first measurements were on the 1st of Jan.

Waist - 102.5cm to 95.5cm - 7cm lost
Bust - 104cm to 102cm - 2cm lost
Chest - 93cm to 86.5cm - 6.5cm lost
Hips - 117cm to 107cm - 10cm lost
Arm - 34cm to 33cm - 1cm lost
Thigh - 62.5cm to 54cm - 8.5cm lost

In total, 35cm gone in 9 weeks.

Ok, so I can't really complain about that. Weighing myself was always my way of seeing if I've lost weight, I never really gave the measurements a second thought(and most of the time I would just not bother measuring). So there's the proof that I AM slimming down now.

BTW, I had plans to blog during the week but still haven't finished my post yet. Argh!

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