Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can you tell?

Ok so not the greatest quality photo(the second one, I took it at night on my iphone in the bathroom!).

Can you see the difference in 8kg? The first photo was taken exactly 2 years ago today. I went and dug out the same top and same pants. The pants are getting loose now, they start to fall down and they are loose around the thighs. They were tight to the point where I was uncomfortable in the first picture.

I notice my arms are thinner. The stripes on the top sit closer together and it's actually a little loser around the boobs too. But then my boobs don't seem to sag as much now as they did.

It was good to put the two pictures together like this. I need the visual to see that there has been changes in my body because when I look in the mirror, I just look the same to me. So I'll be keeping this set of clothes for a while so I can keep comparing myself as I get smaller.

88kg wasn't my biggest weight, I was actually bigger than that after Tahnee was born. But I would have been around this at Christmas time.

Anyway, I just had to share this because I am so excited with my weight and how close I am to achieving one of my goals - to break through the 70s and kiss goodbye the 80s forever!!

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