Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weigh in Week 9(take 2) and week 10

I jumped a bit ahead of myself when I posted last, it should have been week 8 not week 9.

So I haven't had huge losses at all the last couple of weeks, I ate out more than I should have and didn't exercise enough because the hubby was working day shift and Tahnee does not like being left in the creche one single bit!

Week 9 saw me with a 500g loss. Not much I know, weight was 79.9kg!!!! I DID IT! I made it under 80kg which was my first goal!!!! It's been my goal for, oh, about 4 to 5 years now and finally I have smashed it! Kissing the 80s goodbye FOREVER.

Week 10, more bad food and no exercise(well less than week 9) and I lost 200g, down to 79.7kg.

This week I have no excuses, so I expect a good loss. I hope. But I feel reassured that I can have days off and not pile the weight back on.

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