Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6 More Days...

Until moving day! And yes we are counting down. It's been a battle the last few months and to be honest, we'll be glad to get away from this place and not deal with the hassles we've had with the landlord. Greed is such an ugly thing I've discovered and all I can say now is that karma will catch up to them.

So with such a short time left before the truck arrives here to take all our stuff back to our home town(and a huge huge thank you to a wonderful friend who is lending us his time and ability to drive the truck for us) - you'd think that I'd be in a flurry of packing. Erm...well I can say that I've packed some. And I've also made a huge dent in Mt Washmore(aka the washing pile). It was for this reason that I was putting off my WAHM business until after I moved but me being me, cannot wait more than a few days or so for things, HAD to start it up right away and to my amazement, orders have come flooding in. So instead of packing, I've been sewing, cutting, gluing, folding, ironing and producing some of these:

 Ok, so it's not been the most ideal time to start, but I can tell you that I am having so much fun creating these little goodies for people. There are so many ideas swimming around in my head that I can't wait to produce once we have moved and settled into our home(and my new sewing machine should be waiting for me but more about that another time).

Really, I can't say I've done much in the way of packing though I'm up to garbage bag 2042 full of clean clothes and still counting(and I did a big cull on our clothes recently, it's insane!!). I am like a 2 year old and am distracted easily by pretty coloured things, namely ribbons and fabrics. The hubby has been fantastic though, we are sleeping on the floor now because he's already taken the beds apart. It's just me that, despite my best intentions, ends up leaving things to the very last minute. Mind you, I seem to work best under pressure.

It's all so exciting, but in the same token, there are things I will miss a whole heap about living in the country. Firstly, I will miss one of my amazing friends the most. She has been such a good friend to me and was even there when Tahnee was born - we'll always be friends though, no matter how far apart we are. 

I'll also miss the school being so close - close enough to walk to and close enough for us to hear the siren from home, no forgetting to pick the kids up from school. And yes, once we did forget to pick up our kids from school and didn't realise until 30 minutes after school had finished. I will never forget the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when we realised our poor kids were sitting in the classroom alone with the teacher and wondering when we were going to come and get them. The reason we forgot? Said friend that I mentioned above had come over to take newborn photos of Jye and we got carried away. To our credit though, it was an early closure day and school finished at 2.30 instead of 3.

I'll miss the interesting people we have travelling through our pub, I'll miss the size of our bedrooms, I'll miss the quiet country roads, the commercial kitchen, having people say hello and know me by name wherever I go, having an open fireplace and I will miss having my hubby around all day every day - though I'm not sure he'd miss me as much, I like to annoy him.

There is plenty that I do look forward to; doing my groceries online, going to playgroup(that doesn't take me 40 minutes to get to), living in a proper house and not just the back of a pub, being able to pop out to the shops on a Sunday to get ingredients for dinner that I may have overlooked, seeing family everyday and being able to walk around naked in my home if I wish!

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