Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Car Trips

So I barely have enough time to blog at the moment between the pub and the kids and the packing. Not to mention my little sewing and hair bow business that I have on the side. I'd have to say I'm pretty occupied every waking minute of my day. But you're blogging now - you say. Well I'm thought I may as well use my time productively seeing as I'm stuck in the car with a husband and 5 kids on a four hour drive. I can't take my sewing on the road with me, hell I can barely sew in a straight line(actually I can but with much concentration) on unmoving ground. I can't play with ribbons - industrial strength glue in a moving vehicle, no way. I grabbed my netbook as it was probably the safest thing I could do in the car.

I use to love long drives, in fact, the longer the better. When my stepdaughters mother moved them out 2.5 hours away from the city it was sad - because my stepdaughter wasn't nearby but it was also kind of cool because we had an excuse to go for long drives.  Hubby and I use to hop in the car when my boys were with their dad and we'd just drive and see where we'd end up, exploring different towns in our wonderful state each trip. Windows down on a warm summer day with the music blaring. Yeah, it was cool.

Then we had more kids, my fourth boys HATED the car. Oh my god, he use to scream the 10 minute trip to taking the older boys to school. Our daughter came along only 15 weeks ago and she is unpredictable when it comes to the car. One trip she screamed for 2 hours, no matter how many times I stopped and fed her. Then last time she didn't make a peep, not even when she was hungry. It sucks that we live 4 hours away from the city, especially when you're pregnant and have to make trips for appointments. Hubby is starting his new job back in the city soon and this is our second trip in under a week.

I'm sure most parents can relate. The whining because they're bored/tired/hungry.

"Mum, he keeps touching me"

"Mum, he poked his tongue out at me"

"Mum, Tahnee spewed"

Stops to breastfeed, go to the toilet, get yet another drink, more snacks, toilet again, fill up the petrol tank. Our car get totally trashed.

I like to take the back roads whenever possible. I hate, hate, hate overtaking people and I really hate having to overtake road trains. It terrifies the living daylights out of me to be honest with you. I would much rather sit at 80km an hour behind a truck for 200km than overtake it. Even worse is night time(like we're doing now). I think I feel even more nervous because I'm not the one driving. Hubby wanted to overtake this road train and I wouldn't let him do it(eventually we made it to a dual carriage way). I felt sick to my stomach and all these scenarios went through my head. Then we got stuck behind a ute what was driving super slow that said road train caught up and was sitting on our ass. ARGH. So hubby overtook that - and I almost had a heart attack, very surprised I didn't crack my netbook seeing as though I was gripping it so hard.

Long drives - no longer something I enjoy. Perhaps one day when the kids have grown and it's just hubby and I. And we can take drives on warm summer days, with the sun roof open and our 'old fogey' music blaring from the speakers.

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