Sunday, September 25, 2011


How sad is it that I have to resort to blogging on my iPhone at 11.30pm just because I simply do not have the time to sit down and write something.

Does anyone get the impression that I tend to overload myself with things? Why oh why do I do this to myself. And how have I not crashed and burned yet?

So what's been happening in Casa MamaTee? Well my kids are as feral as ever. Ah well, not quite that bad but I can tell school holidays are right around the corner by judging their behaviour. Jye is just about toilet trained besides him pooping right in the middle of his brothers bed and then proceed to tell me about it. He was as proud as punch.

Friday night I escaped the mad house for a few hours *gasp*. One of my workmates is turning 21 and invited me to his birthday bash at the pub. It's always so interesting to see people outside of work when they're not on their best behaviour. It was a good night but boy did I feel so old being almost 30 and all.

Saturday was my cleaning and procrastinating day. I have assignments due on Monday and I was going to get stuck into it...then the kids and I went next door for a BBQ and bonfire and came home late.

Today the hubby was at home for most part of the day and AWAKE! He usually sleeps through the weekend due to nightshift. In fact, he is at work right now. So anyway we decided to take the kids to a school fete about 20 mins away as it was sunny and warm. And because hubby and I are like jinxed or something, it poured down with rain about 15 minutes after we arrived!! Bloody hell! All we managed to do was have a feed and because we were all soaked to the bone, we left. Of course it stopped raining by the time we got home and was clear for the rest of the afternoon. Grrr!

So now it's midnight. Jeez it's slow typing on my phone! I must get some sleep before another action packed week ahead!!

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