Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In hiding..

Me? Avoiding my blog? What makes you say that???

Ok, so maybe I have been avoiding writing a blog post and as per usual, I am super busy. My at home business has picked up and orders are rolling in(along with a special order for 4 flower girl dresses that drove me completely batty! Never again am I working with satin and chiffon!). So I spend most of my time chained to my machine. I've even neglected the gym. *sob*

Are you wondering how my weight loss is going? well I can tell you that it's been slow. I didn't lose one week, gained 100g the next(and then my period turned up the next day - first one since Tahnee was born), and then after a week of junk food, I managed to lose 700g! Now I'm sitting on 79.1kg. So I'm getting there, ever so slowly. Due to financial reasons, I've had to come off Lite n Easy for a few weeks and I am struggling bad. It's just too easy to order in pizza when I am flat out busy. Or hubby will cook dinner for the kids before he leaves for work at 5pm and I'll grab some toasted cheese sandwiches when I'm hungry. I'm amazed I lost weight last week. I don't think I will be so lucky this week. I do have a personal training session tomorrow, I am so scared of getting my butt whipped.

In other news, I was offered a full time job today and *gulp* I've decided to take it. It's for a family run travel company that is rapidly expanding. I'll be doing the reception and taking bookings, making up itineraries and confirming accommodation,etc. I was very impressed by the company and where it's headed, but already my stomach is twisting into knots over the fact that I have to leave my kids 5 days a week.

For this to be any benefit, we can't put the kids into full time day care, the cost of day care for 3 kids full time and 2 kids in after school care is ridiculous. We'd be better off me staying at home in that case. So the hubby needs to mind the kids a few days, and he also works night shift, I'm not sure how this will pan out, but he reckons it's doable. The littlies will still go to day care maybe 2 days a week. I have anxiety about putting bub into day care, she is super clingy to me and the hubby and cries when other people hold her. She lasted about 40 minutes at the gym creche. *sigh*

Of course, I need to do this. We are just making ends meet and I am so sick of worrying about money. I want to buy a house once we've finished paying off our debt from the pub and that won't happen unless we have two incomes(yeah it's not always good having such a big family).

So that's what's been happening in my neck of the woods, I will TRY to blog again soon!

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