Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time is running away...

This time last year, I was 400km from home and waiting for my beautiful little girl to come earthside. I remember hoping that she would wait until 39 weeks so that the hubby would be here on time to be at her birth. My in laws were fantastic to put up with me and 2 very active toddler boys, it was so hard to be away from hubby and the older boys for 3 weeks though. Thankfully baby girl waited until the day before her due date to arrive, and whilst it wasn't a difficult birth, I don't think I could have done it without the hubby there.

In less than 4 weeks time, that tiny baby girl is turning one. Where on earth has one year gone?! She is such a sweet little thing - still so small at 7.5kg. The cuddles she gives are the BEST, her little head snuggles in on my neck and her little hand reaches over my shoulder to pat my back. Daddy is flavour of the month at the moment, she cries when he walks out the door to go to work.

Now she is cruising the furniture, standing unaided. The high chair is the best thing to push around the floor so she can walk to where she wants to go. And FOOD! She is the best eater! Everything we eat, she devours. Unfortunately she is having some formula during the day. It broke my heart to do it but being at work during the day, I couldn't express enough milk and it's slowly dwindling away :( However, I still get full at night so I feed her during the night now. As much as I wish she would sleep through the night, I do love that she is still getting milk from me.

It just astounds me at how many new things she is learning, it seems like every day she does something new and it's frightening how fast she is growing. I'm sure my boys never grew this fast!!

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