Friday, October 5, 2012

Dust off the cobwebs

Oo-er. I haven't posted in this thing since March? My bad.

I decided to revisit my blog and now I'm considering blogging again. Life isn't any less hectic that it was at the beginning of the year, but I do miss blogging and the blogging community (I haven't even been reading my regular blogs - shame on me!!).

Anyhoo, I'm in bed with a sleeping Princess next to me because I can't get her to sleep in her own bed no matter what I try - however this is a story for another day. My brand new macbook pro is on my lap and I am trying to learn my way around it. So far so good, I'm considering upgrading our desktop to a Mac as well.

The month of September has been pretty eventful and on my travels I kept thinking about my little blog and how much I wanted to get online and write my adventures. It has been a big month of massive group workouts, finale party with the Michelle Bridges and following my most favourite band to 3 different states for 3 concerts in 5 days (and I will wait til my blog post about this to tell you who that is). Tell you what, I felt every bit a rock star doing all those airports and late nights.

I'm still enjoying my job, there have been some not so good things that have happened and I was tempted to leave. I'm glad I didn't because I am still learning a lot and I know the organisation well now. The certificate IV that I was studying is now complete and I have already commenced my Diploma (not bad for someone who 'ruined their life' by having kids young, eh?).

My kids are doing great. The eldest turned 10 in July and received a brand spankin' new iPad 3 from my Dad. Totally awesome for him, I couldn't be happier for him but jeez Dad all I got for my 10th birthday was a bike! Perhaps when I turn the big *gulp* 30 next year, I might get one too. *hint hint*

The hubby is about to walk into a shitfight over my stepdaughter. She has asked us to come and live with us and her mother has spat the dummy over it. I'm not sure how far this is going to go, but I can totally see it heading to court and getting expensive and messy. Let's hope for a good outcome that meets the best interest for our wee girl. She is a kind, sweet kid and all we want is for her to have the best.

Before I go, I am still yo-yoing with my weight and it's driving me crazy. I cannot seem to push myself to get below 79kg, the goal is so close but it's proving difficult to get there. Posting about it will hold me accountable and hopefully get me past this roadblock that I've reached. I need to lose a few more kg to at least fit into my new work uniforms that are coming!

I hope all is well in bloggie land, I'll be off to check my reader and catch up with everyone.

More posts to come!

Mama Tee xx

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