Saturday, October 6, 2012

Been Inked

Not many people know that I have a tattoo. It's on the back of my neck and is easily hidden by my long hair. I learnt a valuable lesson after having this tattoo done back in 2007. Never trust someone to do a freehand tattoo on a body where you can't see what they are doing! I had asked for a shooting star with some swirly lines for the tail (read: girly) and one of my kids names underneath. Not too big because I don't know how much this will hurt!

Well, it did freaking hurt. I was ready to punch the guy out (lucky he was behind me huh!). My swirly girly lines are straight (and blue). The star - it's ok. The name? It's so small, you can't even read what it says now. Thank goodness I can't see it every day!

You'd think that after this experience there would be no way anyone would be inking my skin again. Wrong. I have been following an apprentice tattooist who goes by the name Fizz for sometime (probably about a year now). She does amazing work and so I contacted her a few weeks back for a consult to see what she could do with fixing up my tattoo. So yeah, we've worked out what to do about it now and I'm excited to see what she will come up with to fix it, but I also got a new tattoo on a whim.

It was a totally different experience this time, it only hurt in some places but not anything like I experienced last time around. It might be because I had two drug free home births since the last time, but I think it really comes down to her skills. She did an amazing job and if you live in Perth I would highly recommend you pay her a visit for your next tattoo. I wouldn't visit any body else for a tattoo now!

Find her on instagram - fizzing
onOr visit/call the shop - La Tattoo Studio, 89C Whatley Cresent Bayswater. (08) 9271 4440

Oh and here is my crappy old one to be fixed up, stay tuned for that one:

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