Friday, March 16, 2012

March so far...

Holy cow, please explain how it got to mid March so suddenly??!

As per usual life is just super busy for me and honestly I don't think I should have any hope that thing will ever slow down until I reach retirement...or win lotto.

We've had a whole lot of little events so far this month. On Labour Day, I went out with a bunch of workmates to a pub down by the water to celebrate one of our Managers 40th birthday. It was a blast sitting around in the shade and drinking beers! I am blessed with great workmates, well and truly!

Then the hubby turned 29! One more year before he reaches the dirty thirties! We got up early and took him to the beach. The kids had a ball but I don't know about the hubby, he isn't fond of sand at all. Anyway, we were making the most of the weekend as he had booked the entire weekend off. Very rare for us to have a weekend together!

How gorgeous is my girl?! She is almost two now and is a water baby. It was hard to drag her away. After the beach we went home and then the hubby went out to meet some mates at the pub followed by a family BBQ. The next day was stinking hot (41 degrees!!) and I think we were both feeling a bit green around the gills, so a movie day it was!

Next up was morning tea day at work. I have been dubbed the cupcake queen at work, however this time I wanted to do something slightly different and made these babies...

Mini cinnamon buns!! They went down a treat (yeah I know, sooo bad for the waistline especially once I added the icing!!) The hubby and I also celebrated our wedding anniversary on this day (4 years married).  He's not the romantic type at all, never has been and I'm cool with that - otherwise I wouldn't have married him. So anyway, I wasn't expecting anything from him at all. I was super busy at work that day as I was doing another staff members work while she was off sick as well as my own. At 1pm my hubby arrived at the office to pick me up and take me out for lunch. The bugger had even planned it with my boss to have the afternoon off! Bubba girl was with him (the others at school and daycare) and she made a very cute date.

We had an amazing lunch before I was dropped off at the hairdresser, where I spent a relaxing 2 hours getting my hair done (woohoo! No regrowth!). It was later that night that he revealed that he had tried to get our bridesmaids and groomsmen to join us at the beach where we tied the knot for a picnic lunch but he just couldn't get it to happen with their commitments. Naww, bless him for trying and it just shows that he has a bit of romance buried deep down in there somewhere!

March has been full of celebration! I love it!

I've also been approached to try out something interesting that I'll be blogging about if it all goes ahead. At this stage the fine details are being worked out, but I am soo excited. Stay tuned and Happy St Patricks Day for tomorrow!

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  1. March madness or what? I'm exhausted just reading this but I think it's only because it's been a similar story around here! Here's to a busy, full and enjoyable rest of the month!