Monday, November 7, 2011

Crashed and burned....

Help! I can't keep up!! I have too much on my plate and I have just landed in Struggletown.

It's pretty obvious why I went back to work, 5 kids - four of them boys who eat us out of house and home, school fees, uniforms, sports, food, bills...yeah. Nothing I can really do about it, I HAVE to work. The studying is interesting, but it's full on. I can understand it easy enough because I'm in the industry but it's soooo much work! To think I want to complete my Diploma after this. Freaking crazy woman I am!

I'm just tired. I don't feel like I'm spending enough time with my kids, The hubby is great though and he does a LOT around the house, he drops off the kids to school and picks them up, he makes lunches and cleans and cooks dinner...I would be lost without him. It's still that Mummy guilt though isn't it? I'm doing this for them and to get them everything they could ever want, but shit, I just feel so so so guilty!! Some nights I get home, give my kids dinner, a bath and then the little ones are off to bed. Then I'm up and out the door as they are waking up in the morning. I'm almost finished with my major assignments at Tafe now and things should get somewhat easier.

As you can imagine, the time for 'me' is on the wayside. I haven't been working as hard as I should be to look after myself and it shows in the little amount of weight I have lost since starting the program. My head is just not into it and I am totally not organised. Being organised is the key to making a success of this. So now I'm recommitting and I am MAKING the time to get organised but can someone please, PLEASE tell me how to get motivated to exercise? I hate exercising with a passion!

That's not to say that I don't exercise at all. I actually started going to pole dancing classes a few weeks back. They run a cardio fitness class 5 days a week and it's not so much about swinging around a pole, but a lot of dance moves and butt popping! I LOVE it! So I signed up 2 weeks ago for a beginners pole dancing class to learn how to do these pole dancing moves. It's challenging and I'm still having some trouble with some of the spins and I know it's because my core muscles are still pretty crap. Like, really crap. My arm muscles aren't so great either, in saying that, they have gotten stronger over the last few weeks. I'm hoping to kiss these tuck shop lady arms good bye soon!

I love pole dancing so much that I've bought myself a pole for the house. I'll be picking it up soon and we'll probably have to set it up in the back patio(I'll have to invest in some crash mats too I think! haha). I'm one of those people that has to practice, and do it in private so I don't have to worry about making myself look like a complete fool in front of people. I can't wait to get it and get myself stronger from using it!

I tell you, one thing I'm really looking forward to is a weekend away with the Hubby. We're jetsetting off to Sydney in about 4 weeks time. A whole weekend away WITHOUT kids. This has never happened to us in the 7 years we've been together. I am sooooo excited!

Anyway, it's 10.15pm and long past my bed time so I shall leave it here for tonight. xx

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