Sunday, May 22, 2011

My girl is one

Dear Tahnee,

I remember back in August 2009, Daddy, the boys and I were living out in the middle of nowhere in our tiny little pub. We were super busy all the time, getting our business up and running and the boys definitely kept me on my toes. Your brother Jye was getting close to turning one and he was starting to sleep better at night. I spent lots of time with my friend Karin too, we spent many mornings walking the country roads in the sunshine.

I was still breastfeeding Jye and he became really fussy about his milk, he started feeding less btu I didn't think too much of it. I had just gone to the doctor and he put the implanon implant into my arm because Daddy and I decided we would like to wait before we tried for another baby.

Karin and I went into town one day and at the new age shop(or the hippy shop as Daddy liked to call it) they were doing Aura readings. It has always been something that I thought would be fun to try, so I had mine done and the women was very accurate describing my personality. She stopped abrubtly at one point, and asked me if I had lost a baby recently. When I told her no, she said it was odd because there was a little girl with pigtails dancing around in circles around me.

Fast forward a week and I had been feeling a bit out of sorts, I sent Daddy to town to get me a pregnancy test, even though I was sure that there was no way I could be pregnant. I tested as soon as he got home. I kid you not, there were two lines there before I had turned the test over. Daddy and I were in shock, of course we were happy, but we weren't sure how we would juggle pregnancy and a business. Especially since I wanted to give birth to you at home.

Our pregnancy went smoothly, you made me feel a bit sick but otherwise I felt fantastic. It was on the 15th of December that I went for my ultrasound and found out that you were a beautiful baby girl! I had to keep pinching myself because after 4 boys I didn't think it would be possible to have a girl!! Karin and I went straight to the shop and I bought your first pink outfit.

The rest of my pregnancy seemed to go on and on forever, we just could not wait to meet you. You and I and the two little boys came to Perth to wait for you to arrive, with Daddy and the big boys following us when we reached 39 weeks. We stayed at your Aunty Mandy and Uncle Andrew's house, this is the house where you were going to be born.

Two days before your due date, I knew you were starting to get ready to come earthside. You were very quiet in my tummy, occassionally giving me a nudge to let me know you were ok, just resting in preparation to meet us. I was having contractions, maybe every 30 minutes and I texted our midwife, Mel, and Karin, who was coming to take photos of your birth. I told them it wouldn't be that night, it would definitely be tomorrow and to have a good sleep because it would be a long day.

I contracted all night long and by about 6am things were ramping up. You were sooo quiet in there, I wondered how fast you were going to come. We spent a lot of the morning pacing around in my furry pink dressing gown and slippers in the backyard. It was really funny, but every time I walked past the fish pond, I would have a massive contraction. It makes sense to me now, you love the water!

Around lunch time I got into the pool and it was blissful. I think you liked the warmth too because I felt you wriggling around. By 2.30 you were ready to meet us and after a few short pushes you were born into water. I had to look around for you as the water was cloudy with vernix, but I saw your mass of black hair and scooped you up into my arms. Daddy's first words were 'wow, she looks just like Owen' and the first thing I did was check between your legs to make sure you really were a girl!

You've been such a joy over this last year. You were a terrible sleeper though and I think I spent a few nights crying because I was just so so tired. We got there in the end with some tears from both of us. Now you sleep pretty well and some nights you still wake once or twice, it's way better than every hour like you use to do!

You have come ahead in leaps and bounds, even though your so teeny tiny for your age. You started to walk before your first birthday, but you prefer to walk along on your knees until you get to one of us, pull yourself up with our pant leg and give our leg a big cuddle.

Whenever you get told something is hot, you blow it. Even the heater.

You hate sweet food and prefer savoury things. Not like you Mummy at all!

You were a Mummy's girl and wouldn't let me out of your sight. Now you are totally smitten with your Daddy, and he is just as smitten with you. I don't mind, I love seeing you both snuggling with each other.

You are starting to talk now, you can say Dad, Mum, Hi, Bye and No(and Poppy witnessed you saying that one!!).

You get super excited when you hear your Nanny and Poppy's voices. You bounce and clap and throw your arms out for them to catch you. Sometimes you do it without us being prepared and we have to juggle you to stop you from falling.

You are also attracted to water, any little puddle and you are right there in the middle of it. I've even had you crawl into the shower fully clothed when I accidently left the door open one time.

When you smile, your whole face smiles. You show all your teeth and your little nose and eyes crinkle up. It melts us every single time.

You have RED HAIR. We never saw that one coming. You get that from your Pop and his mum and dad. They are Irish.

Each and every one of your brothers adore you. They will fight with each other over toys and food(yes, I do feed them but they always want what the others have!), but when it comes to you, they will gladly share whatever it is with you. They smother you in kisses and cuddles and carry you around. You are the little princess, that's for sure. When you were born and Jayden first met you, he told the midwife that you were his baby sister and he was going to make sure no-one is ever mean to you or hurt you. I bet he will live by that. They love you sooooo much.

And I love you, my baby girl. The daughter that I never thought I would ever get to have. You came at the most unexpected time in our lives, but Daddy and I both agree that we wouldn't trade you for anything.

Love you with all of my heart and soul,


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  1. Awwww, that was beautiful!!! I love her gorgeous red hair (as would be expected!)