Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm 28!


I celebrated my 28th birthday on Tuesday. I spent the work. My workmates are AMAZING and my desk was drowning in banners and balloons. It was so very cute and warmed my heart. In return, I baked some yummy lemon meringue and devil's food cupcakes for them all and it was very much appreciated by all. So much that I am baking more of my yummy cupcakes for Cupcake Day for the RSPCA.

Hubby took me out for dinner that night. Just the two of us(doesn't happen very often). It was fun and I'm glad we got some time alone out of the house, even though I was so sick(damn cold!) and could have just gone to bed at 5.30pm instead of going out.

So....28. Another year closer to....*gulp* 30. How the frickin' hell did that happen? 10 years ago I was pregnant and scared shitless. There were no career goals or anything like that because I was going to enter motherhood...five times over in less than 8 years. That was that. I never really gave my career a second thought. We had our business and I learnt alot, but we were still very focused on family.

Then we came back to Perth and in financial poo. It was time for me to get my career going. I was over the retail jobs, I am so not a shop assistant kind of person, but I also knew it would be a bit of a struggle to enter the corporate world - funnily enough I love paperwork and such and I craved a fancy desk job. Don't get me wrong, I have worked on and off in various jobs in between children, one of them being a PA role for about 8 months. We were struggling on one income, so I had to bite the bullet and I landed my current job when Tahnee was just shy of 12 months.

I love my job. Like reaaaaally love it. The people are great, my supervisor and I are always laughing about something. We all spoil each other with lovely morning tea every week. They are paying for me to get a formal qualification - my cert 4 in HR. Now I can actually complete not two but THREE qualifications in a year, cert 4 in Business and cert 4 in Frontline Management. Not just that, but the Director seems keen to keep me with the company and when I suggested that our OHS Manager trains to become a First Aid Trainer so we can do Senior First Aid in house for our staff(as she holds a cert 4 in Training and Assessment), he approached me and said he thought it was a great idea but he wanted ME to do it! So if all goes to plan, I will have 4 qualifications by the end of 2012. Wow. Someone up there is looking out for me. Suddenly my career goals are being fast tracked and now my opportunities are endless. After the shit year we had last year, I am feeling incredibly blessed this year.

I still get shocked looks from people when they find out that I am a mum of 5, I work full time and I study. They ask me how I do it. I dunno, I just do it. Yes, I am tired(it's 9.15pm peeps, and I could have gone to bed an hour ago - I was just catching up on my shows after the kids went to bed). The early bird stuff is not my thing because I have ALWAYS been a night owl. Alas, the perfect job comes with it's bad points and for me that is the 7am starts - but the 3pm finish is perfect for right now. My house is a mess, it rarely stays entirely clean for more than a day but I will touch on this a bit more another time.

On that note, I'm off to my empty bed to get some sleep while the hubby is working hard tonight with a bad back. *sigh* The things we do.

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