Sunday, October 24, 2010

When life gets in the way...

There's no time for blogging!

Things have just been a bit of a blur lately. The same routine of getting up, breakfast, feeding baby, going to school, cleaning, going back to school, cooking, know the drill. By the time the kids go to bed I am absolutely exhausted that the mere thought of putting together a blog post makes me fall asleep.

So this is just a catch up post on what's happening in our family.

The hubby has been in his new job for 3 weeks and he is loving it. But we never see him because he gets home as we're all getting up and he leaves before we have dinner. On the other hand, him actually having days off is awesome. We get to go out and do family stuff without having to be back in time to open the pub, etc. He's not as stressed out because he can get away from work and it doesn't take over our family life! He's now on 4 days off and then onto day shift(9.30am to 6pm) for two weeks.

Jayden and Bailey are back at their old school that they were at before we moved out to the pub. They have settled in really well, though I think Jayden feels a bit out of the loop trying to get back in with his old buddies who have stayed friends while we were gone. He doesn't seem to phased about it, so it's probably me just being a worry wart mum. Anyhow, we've only been at school 2 weeks and he's already going to a birthday party this afternoon.

Owen and Jye have started at daycare, just 2 days a week. It was more for Owen's benefit - he starts school 2 days a week next year and I wanted him to get use to being away from me and having the structure of school. He started off great on Thursday - hopped on the bikes and waved goodbye. Jye on the otherhand, he screamed and bawled when I left(and yes, I bawled in the car all the way home)! So I turned up at 1pm to find Jye waking up from a nap and all happy and Owen sitting in the room sobbing his little heart out!!

My heart broke into a thousand pieces. He was fine up until the other kids lay down for a nap and he hasn't had a day nap in god knows how long. I'm not sure what triggered it, I think that perhaps he thought that they didn't get to go home and had to stay at daycare forever...I'm not sure, but he was ok after a cuddle with me and I hadn't even pulled out of the car park when he started arking up because he didn't want to leave! They go back on Tuesday so hopefully they will settle better.

Jye is still my little devil. I am so glad that I gave him such a short name, you have no idea how much I say his name! I was having trouble getting him to go to bed, both during the day and at night. We moved him into a toddler bed when we got to the new place and a few days ago I put a kiddie gate up at his door so he couldn't get out and wander around. So far so good, he's been going to sleep. But sheesh, I was at my wits end!

And Tahnee. My little baby girl. She's just about 6 months old now and my goodness is she becoming her own little person! She is rolling all over the place and we always seem to have to rescue her from under the couch or the coffee table as she favours rolling in one direction. It's funny though because as soon as you place her on the floor, she rolls over. She's got two little toothy pegs and has been swiping food off my place and chewing on it. We plan to follow the baby led weaning principles and she has stated exploring the food on my plate(you should have seen her with broccoli, she held the stalk and chewed off the top!).

Life is chaotic but I am loving every second of it! I'm so blessed to have my beautiful children :)

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